Column: Welcome to the Oval Office, President Trump

TrumpI had a sandwich and a coffee in the Amber service station in Fermoy a few weeks ago. At the table next to me was a group of children, eating chips and enjoying the lack of adult supervision. Four boys and two girls. I’d say the oldest of them was ten. I paid no heed till I realised that they were discussing politics.

“Guys!” said a boy who had until this point been throwing ketchup sachets at one of the girls, “Imagine if Donald Trump actually won!”

“Oh my God, Donald Trump is such a racist!” replied the girl.

“If Donald Trump wins it will be The End Of The World,” said the other girl with grim certainty.

“Um,” said a boy who was stacking his chips one on top of the other in a lattice formation, “You know Donald Trump won’t be the actual president of Ireland, ‘cause that’s like President Higgins’ job?”

(From the murmur of approval which greeted this remark, I suspect Michael D would get a warm reception from Fermoy’s under-ten community, should ever he stop into Amber for a feed of chips.)

“If Donald Trump gets to be The President Of America,” said the little girl, keen to return to the apocalypse, “That’s like he’s The President Of The World!”

“Oh my God that would be SO horrible!” said the boy stacking chips. “Donald Trump is like the Worst Person Ever!”

Beside them, I thought, given we have such clued-in children, then at the least the future of this country is in safe hands.

Mind you, they wrapped up their discussion by having a competition to see who could eat the most sugar, so perhaps their political insight should be judged accordingly.

Personally, I don’t know if President Donald Trump will be The End Of The World but I do think there’s a terrifying possibility that not alone will he be the Republican candidate, I think (and the bookies say I’m wrong) there’s a good chance he might well become US president.

I get rocks thrown at me every time I say this, but I think Hillary Rodham Clinton is a godawful candidate. Every time she points at an imaginary person in the audience, I hear a voice saying “Welcome to the Oval Office, President Trump”.

Clinton is the very epitome of the political establishment against which Trump has built his seemingly-unstoppable insurgency campaign. It’s hard to avoid the suspicion —

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  1. If Trump becomes president it is because the people of the USA vote him in. It’s obvious what Trum is. The problem remains as to what the people of the USA are. And beyond that, what is humanity that they permit whatever the USA may be to control them? It is not a crisis of Trump. It is a crisis of humanity.

  2. Being an American, I’m very disappointed with how this election is going. Donald trump is an awful candidate and his presidency will cause more damage to our country than it will cause healing. It’s unfortunate.

    • Seriously???? Well,all I can say is this…He has the entire population of this Great Country standing up and saying something-good or bad-about him, and about politics in general. Perhaps it takes a blunt,outspoken, multi-millionaire to wake up the American people and put the WE back in We The People! He has been a phenomenal alarm clock for those American “Sheeple” whom have been nodding their heads as our government, chock full of career politicians swiftly remove from us, our Constitutional Rights. Good Morning America, it is the dawn of a new day!

      • Ziggyspeaks,
        Yes, I totally agree with you. He has been making waves throughout america. Everyone’s talking about him, you can’t escape it. He’s causing a political awakening, and he’s rallying millions of people.
        But, that was not my point. What I was saying was that he’s not a good canidate for president, and I still stand by that. Yes, he has woken up many people around the country to the issues that we face. But that does not make him a good candidate. Adolf Hitler did the same (no, I’m not trying to make a parallel between trump and hitler like so many already have) hitler rallied the german people, and change happened. But was that change good? Heck no! Hitler was a great speaker but he wasn’t a good person and this was unfit for his position. Trump is the same way but less extreme, he is great speaker but is he a good representative for my political idealogy? Does he represent your idealogy? Thats up to you. But him being sensation is not a valid reason to vote for someone, you may find yourself quite disappointed in the end.

  3. There has never been a time in all of human history when major social forces were free of huge angers over human miseries and the bad behaviors of those in power who only added to the inevitable suffering imposed by natural forces. Nevertheless, within this context there have always been concepts of better things, of major efforts by genuinely inspired people and movements to reverse this oppression and somehow create a better world. I was born in the early part of the last century when this hope for a better world was fostered in many ways and there seemed to be a real sense it was possible. Perhaps I am merely a despaired old man but all of that seems to have vanished. The USA now spends far more than the rest of the world in money and organization and emotional power towards furious hatred and pure killing power and devious penetration into the most intimate areas of everyone’s personal life to spread anger and fear and financial deprivation amongst its own population and the rest of the world. It is no surprise that these emotions are coming to full bloom in the current election. I am not bright enough to offer any solution. I am merely horrified.

  4. Its obvious the children are only spitting out the same statements their parents are saying. If it were 8 years ago, would they be praising Obama? Everyone thought he was the next “Messiah”! You can speculate all you want, but we wont truly know until a year or two after the election. Im not a huge Trump fan, but starting a trend away from lifelong politicians sounds like a good idea to me.

  5. Honestly, the younger generations are going all over social media and talking about how Donald Trump is a horrible candidate for our country and is jut a menace to society. But, the majority of the people voting for Trump are old white people. So when they tell us that they are wiser than us “kids” then why are they voting for a man who is clearly not capable of leading this country?

  6. Laddies and gentleman i am a worried. The Mexicans,Muslims, and other minorities aren’t mad at Trump. But rather disappointed t the American people for pick such a racist,sexist, well it’s obvious the American voter shouldn’t be voting for him. Well we are doing the opposite. That is my opinion i take that back that is a fact jack.

  7. While it is very easy to see all the downsides to Donald’s running and the way he portrays himself and all the contradictions that are made! I just wonder how much of it is real? how much is just made up to grab headlines and interest and exactly how much he believes what he says?

  8. i agree and i hesitated on writing on this post but well … I like trump he is the only one running at this point that is good, the others are slim pickings. now u all want to blast me but i am entiled to my opinion as u all are.

    • I praise you for what you wrote! The world can blast me if they so desire, but I believe that the facts speak for themselves…Career politicians have been the PROBLEM for a long time in our government. They say what they have to to get in power, then they forget the bottom line…they work for We The People, not the super-pacs, big banks, or any other entity. I say give the man a shot at making some effective changes in the system..If he fails, he will still have done better than some of his predecessors.

      • I disagree how could we as the melting pot of the world. Try to kick out Mexicans and Muslims. If we do that then we can’t call ourselves the melting pot of the world laddies and gentlemen. Canada will become the melting pot of the world. The prime minister Justin Trudeau BRINGS in 25,000 Syrian refugees. They are talking are pride as the melting pot of the world. And people say lets give him a chance. What if he makes one of the worst mistakes. hmm….. What do we do then. Think about it mankind.

      • I would remind you of one simple FACT, with regard to your statement…Trump has NOT said that we should “Kick out Mexicans”, Nor has he said that we should NOT allow the Syrian Refugees into The United States.
        What he has CLEARLY stated is this:
        With regard to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: They are ILLEGALLY in this Country. In case you are unclear of the meaning of the word “ILLEGAL” that means: “They have Committed a Crime”. They have “Broken The Law”. If you, or I break a law in the U.S., we go to jail. We do not get rewarded for breaking the law, correct? He has only said what NEEDS to be said! If a person, enters this country ILLEGALLY, they are to be returned to their respective country, until such time that they can find a LEGAL way to enter the U.S. We do not treat these CRIMINALS, as The Mexican Government treats those who would ILLEGALLY enter Mexico. (from South America) The Mexican Government uses DEADLY force to protect THEIR BORDER!
        With regard to the Syrian Refugees, Mr. Trump has said he would not allow these refugees into the U.S. UNTIL they are THOROUGHLY SCREENED and deemed SAFE to enter the United States. I, for one am in TOTAL agreement with this. After the recent Terrorist Attacks in Paris and Belgium, one would think that any American Citizen would be in support of this.
        Perhaps you are willing to risk your life or the lives of your family and friends, by allowing an influx of Syrian refugees into the U.S. with no knowledge of their past, or their political or religious affiliations, but I am NOT. I am certain that the majority of the refugees are Good People, trying to start a new life free from the shackles of the Tyrannical Dictatorship of the Syrian Government, but ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haram and how many other militant Ji-had inspired groups have hidden themselves within the general population, acting as if they are upstanding citizens in their respective countries? If we allow any group of people into our country without doing our best to insure that they are not coming here to harm us, we are fools. Are you willing to take that risk?

      • Ziggy if a man like that says we will not let anyone in u agree. Lets say 99% is good syrian people and 1% is bad are we going to assume that all of them is bad. Canada is mad at there prime minister for not bringing more than 25,000 refugees. Hey watch this video it will prove my statement. i can’t believe u won’t let innocent people come in

      • I have a wonderful suggestion for you, my friend..Move to Canada!
        I am an American. I was born an American, I am proud to be a LEGAL American Citizen. I Love my Country! I have the RIGHT to ask My Government to take the time to screen those who wish to find refuge IN MY COUNTRY. I wholly believe in allowing immigrants to enter My Country, LEGALLY. I am of Irish Descent, and am a great great great grandchild of Irish Immigrants. When my relatives immigrated to the United States, times were much, much different. We did not live under the threat of “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” (Terrorists pretending to be anything but terrorists) If you feel so strongly about not screening ANYONE coming to into the U.S. especially from the Middle East Countries, perhaps you need to look within and ask yourself why? I feel that you, not me are emotional and illogical with regard to this situation. Any LOGICAL Thinking person would take the time to assess the potential risks involved with a mass influx of any group of people, and screen them prior to giving them asylum. If you prefer the Canadian way, feel free to seek asylum there. I am a Proud and Grateful American. I Love My Country, and would NEVER compare its greatness to ANY other country. Where do you stand? Hmmmm…

      • hahahahahah my friend i love this country america is land of the free and home of the brave all i am saying is Canada is becoming the new melting pot of the world and as you know i am not just making this stuff. I believe the world is and the government is feeding its own people lies i agree we need to change but this isn’t the way my friend this isn’t the way

      • Also you say Legal are you litteraly willing to deport 12million mostly innocent people who came to look for a better life. I read a article about u.s. interpreter who was Afghanistan the u.s. gov. promised him if he helped them he and his family could come to the u.s. it took him 5 yrs through legal process and everything imagine a man like Trump who will increase that waiting period hey let me ask you a question do you think Mexicans are rapist hmm 5,000 Muslim personnel are in the u.s. military they serve with pride and honor a you forgetting those people my friend hmmmmmm………..

      • Nope, I don’t think ALL Mexicans are rapists, and I do not condone the rascist shit being said about ALL MEXICANS, or ALL MUSLIMS. There are rapists, and terrorists from all races…Are you seriously saying that it is perfectly okay for people to break the law, by entering the U.S.A. Illegally??? Perhaps then, we should send them over to your house, where you can set up a huge party??? Maybe a bounce house, some Tequila, and hey, why not give them Welfare?, A Driver’s License? HUD housing?? Hey, how ’bout we start catering to their illegal kids in our schools? I mean seriously, why learn English, it’s only the United States, whose language just happens to be English. I love the fact that I am not eligible for ANY government help, because I am White, Single, Female, and have no dependents! On that note, I have often thought to myself, in times of personal financial need, that perhaps I should just go ahead and apply for help but lie on the application (check the hispanic box when asked for my race), I mean why not? after all, people like you are perfectly ok with criminals getting help…What really is the difference between my “oops” in the wrong check box and 12 million ILLEGAL Immigrants, right? Hey I need help too…but can’t get it because your 12 million “Criminal Friends” Got in line first! Right on, you’re pretty damn bright aren’t ya! Bet you just adore Mr. Obama, and all he’s done for them ILLEGAL Immigrants! Yahoo for you!

      • hmm i feel you are getting side tracked but i came to the united states legally i swear to you and GOD. You can run for office i swear i would support you. But listening to a deceiving man and believing his story because you are desperate. Mexicans and illegal immigrants are the people bringing fruits and other goods for low pay because American workers don’t want to do it. Hey i agree with you but you are desperate think those 12 million people and you have the heart to deport back weeping kids and moms hmmm do you. I disagree in America whites have something called White Privilege. I don’t adore Obama there are things i disagree with him and. HEY I AM BLACK. I can hear you i understand i swear i do but for GOD SAKE OPEN YOUR HEART. I believe you are a good person I SWEAR I DO. But saying these things doesn’t help you. Saying that we can’t open up to immigrants you are Irish. I bet your ancestors didn’t come here legally. You are human we all are so i believe you are a good person. I don’t know if you believe those damn immigrants are good. hahahahahahahahahaha

      • i have an idea which the gov doesn’t listen anyway if an illegal commits a crime deport him or her and keep records if that person tries to come back in that is a good a idea but you wan to deport innocent people who look at America as there last hope. I dare you to look at an orphan kid from Mexico look at him in the face and say get out do u have the heart to do that. hmmmmm.

      • Several years ago, when I was living in Southern California, I went across the border to Tijuana. I was heartbroken by what I saw there. Not only heartbroken, but shocked at the level of poverty I witnessed. Hundreds upon hundreds of children coming up to me selling “Chiclets” (gum)…begging for a few pennies..Obviously, these poor babies were hungry,and desperate for help. I had gone to Mexico to shop for some decor’ for my house that I knew I could get cheaper in Mexico. I had a serious change of heart, once I crossed the border (legally) and saw the reality of how those poor people were living. I knew that I couldn’t save them all, nor could I do much to help, however, I received a serious reality check, and gave all of the American money I had with me to those Mexican children. You have misjudged me, I believe. Perhaps that is my fault for the strong way in which I have responded to your comments. I have seen first hand how horrible life is for the Mexican people. That is not something I will ever forget. Even today, many years since that experience, my eyes tear up, and my heart breaks again. This is something that our government can help with, legally! I understand WHY so many Mexicans cross the border ILLEGALLY. For God’s sake, they live in poverty beyond the realm of most Americans thinking…The U.S. government is well aware of the situation, and I am sure they are aware of the widespread government corruption in Mexico that allows this to continue. This does not make illegal immigration right though. Our tax dollars would be far better spent, at least in my opinion, going to help the Citizens of Mexico. The People of Mexico. We spend billions on things that our government cannot explain. Billions of US tax dollars have been “lost” (cannot be accounted for). We spend billions of dollars providing welfare, and funding assistance programs for ILLEGAL Immigrants. How is this helping anything in the long term? The reality of it is this: The Mexican people are desperate to escape the life they have in Mexico, I cannot, as a human being, blame them one bit. It is a problem that needs to be addressed,NOW, but not one that can be fixed in the long term by allowing Mexican people who have entered the U.S. ILLEGALLY to remain in the United States. That is a criminal act. The United States Government has, rather than address the issues with the Mexican Government, opted to make ILLEGAL Immigration their focus. We (the United States) have used force to help correct the problems (for the people of foreign countries (most recently in the Middle East). Provided Financial help to alleviate the suffering of the People of those countries who have suffered countless human rights violations, yet we just allow our closest neighbor (Mexico) to continue to force their people to live as they are? Why? When you put things into perspective, that is the problem, that our government needs to address. That is where we can help. We cannot condone criminal acts, which in this case is illegal immigration. But we can look at the situation and see it for what it is, and address the WHY’s of this problem, and FIX it for all of the Mexican People, not put a band aid on it, by condoning/rewarding a crime. The fact of the matter is, the influx of illegals into the United States clearly shows that Mexicans are not okay with Mexico, and are desperate to find a way to survive. What the hell is going on with our government? We sensationalize the Illegal Immigration of so many Mexican citizens, yet do not put any focus into WHY this is happening and HOW we can best fix the problem, LEGALLY. I hope this helps you to better understand where I stand on this issue and why.

      • hmmm you have many good points in fact i probably agree with all them but we have to let refugees come in sooner than later so they can escape war,starvation,etc… and even if illegal immigrants come in it is because the process to getting into the U.S. is toooooooo long we should let these illegal immigrants stay if they work hard and pay taxes hey that seems fine to every other country except the U.S BUT I STILL LOVE MY COUNTRY

      • I am sorry that you can not seem to comprehend what I have written in response to your emotionally charged comments. Let me clarify my situation for you in a simple and concise way: I was laid off from a job I loved on May 31, 2015. I worked for a non-profit company, thus am not eligible to receive unemployment benefits. When I had no choice but to apply for assistance through my local social services office, I was told that I DID NOT QUALIFY for assistance. Why? I am unmarried, but can’t get food stamps because my boyfriend has a job, and pays the rent for the tiny mobile home that we share. He works sporadically, by the way…On Call, and if they don’t call, we don’t eat. I can’t get rental assistance because we don’t have kids. (Our Fur Baby, Ziggy, does not qualify as a child). I can’t get a loan because I don’t have a job. I can go down to the local unemployment office and look for work, but they can’t give me assistance in the form of gas money or bus tokens, because I am a Single, White Female with no dependents. Let me give you a few more details…Within the first 30 days of my being laid off, I broke my permanent dental bridge. This bridge was in fact, my front teeth. This has SEVERELY affected my employment prospects, because I HAVE NO FRONT TEETH. It’s just “Crazy” how employers prefer to hire those who have a “Toothy” smile, rather than a qualified, personable candidate that LOOKS LIKE A TOOTHLESS Bum. Sadly, our society puts a great deal of emphasis on looks. Then to top it all off, I had to endure another round of chemo-therapy to kill off a tumor they found hiding in one of my ovaries. That medical treatment, creates HAIR LOSS…Needless to say, I am finding it hard to find work as a bald, toothless American Citizen. Oh, Dental coverage for me, under the Obamacare plan consists of general dentistry..not “Cosmetic” dentistry, which would actually provide me with TEETH. Welcome to my world, try living with NOTHING buddy, before you make blanket IGNORANT comments about me or my life. If I were a F(*cking Illegal Immigrant, I would not be in the crisis I am in. I would have HELP from My government, if I were an illegal immigrant. THAT IS A SAD BUT TRUE FACT. I hope to God you never have to experience the suffering I have endured, the desperation and hopelessness I feel, but until you do, DO NOT JUDGE ME!
        America needs to help Americans, Veterans, and those of us American Citizens that desperately need help before they help CRIMINALS who have entered this country ILLEGALLY. If that is something you don’t agree with, that’s your problem. Walk a mile in my shoes and tell me if you still feel the same way. My refrigerator is empty, so are my cupboards, and so is my stomach. Are you willing to fix that for me? If not, keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

      • hmmm and u say u aren’t emotional I SWEAR I AGREE WITH WHAT U ARE SAYING AND I WILL TAKE IT TO MY GRAVE. All i am saying is lets find a different solution i am not being ignorant or arrogant. Ziggy or whoever you are because i don’t know your real name. I came into the United States(Legally) through VISA anyway. When my parents came to the U.S. as immigrants they worked their asses off we were living paycheck to paycheck. I am the oldest of children. My dad went to college in the u.s. got financial aid then went to medical school then did his residency now his is an anesthesiologist. The point is my parents went through what u are going through but worse in Africa as refugees and in America for i better life in their eyes America was heaven on earth so telling me i am ignorant or i have never been i your shoes is simply not true. We worked our asses of and now i want to become a doctor to help people like you and everyone in the world. I want to fight for civil rights to WHITES,BLACKS,HISPANICS etc… What i am trying to say is we must push ourselves and not let fear or paranoia consume our souls WE ARE AMERICANS THE BEST OF THE BEST THE ELITES. WE WILL FIGHT EVIL WEATHER TERRORIST ASSHOLES OR HUNGER WE WILL FIGHT. But we must not let a man who wants to divide us try to unite us we must unite ourselves my friend. And hey i understand you are upset i really do if you want to swear at me you can but i am here for you and so is American people forget those ASSHOLE POLITICIANS!

      • White Flag!!!! Thank you for your candor. I do get emotional when I speak about what I am personally going through right now, you got me there! Let’s call a truce and agree that we have a difference of opinion on this one. I respect you and what you have said, and what you have overcome. All politics aside, Life is a struggle, and for what you have had to overcome, I have to say, you are exactly what our Great Country stands for.You have had to fight the good fight to survive and to overcome things that you have had no control over. I wish you the very best,and am grateful that you shared a bit of your story with me, thank you! You take care of yourself, and never stop being the voice of those who may be in need of one! I respect you, even if I may not agree with you. Take care!

      • you as well my friend i respect you and i feel for you politicians may never be there for you but AMERICA AND I WILL BY THE WAY IF YOU WANT A CAREER I ACTUALLY HAVE A CAREER’S BLOG

      • BY the way you are an amazing debater you should seriously run for your local representation. Even though you fought to the end i won (kidding i sometimes have a big EGO hahahahahahaha) i wish you well my friend i wish you will and HOPE TO GOD YOU CAN GET YOUR LIFE BACK BY THE WAY MY NAME IS ABDI. BYEEEEE

      • i agree with you u should be eligible for financial needs u deserve them more than anyone but that isn’t an excuse to take your anger at 12 million people. You shouldn’t blame people for what happened to you instead contact your county or state gov. that is how you impact the world in a good way.

      • America deserves to be called the melting pot of the world but so far if TRUMP gets elected i don’t see the USA still standing on that argument. But i still love USA with all my HEART AND I BELIEVE YOU DO TOO

  9. I am an American woman. I am fed up, as many Americans are, with our government.I have not bothered to vote in many past presidential elections, simply because I feel that having to choose between the “lesser of two evils” is not an option for me. Say what you will folks, but in reality, my vote would seriously put my integrity in jeopardy. I am an honest person, and as far as I am concerned, my vote would indicate that I support someone (or something) that in fact, I do not support. This election has me excited! Mr. Trump, has taken the political arena to a real level. Rather than sitting on the fence and saying whatever he can to gain votes, he speaks his truth, and does not worry if it’s “politically correct” or may offend certain groups or people. I find his candor, to be absolutely fabulous! I have never witnessed more Americans actually focused and involved in U.S. politics. Kudos to Mr. Trump for his “off the cuff” manner of speaking. I may not agree with everything he says, or of everything he plans to do once he becomes POTUS (yes, I do believe he will be our next President), but I respect the man for his blatant disregard for the way the “career politicians” have campaigned in the past. He speaks his mind. Many say he is “reckless” I don’t believe that. He is Smart, Innovative, and Wise enough to know that he lacks the experience and knowledge in many areas that would require those things. He has made it clear that in those areas, he would employ proven experts to advise him as to the best course of action to affect and implement positive changes in those respective areas. Go Trump!!!!!You’ve got my vote,and I WILL be voting this year!

    • I am an American woman. I find it requires an ounce of courage to put your verbal support for someone who has the audacity to single out a religious group from entering a nation, objectify women, talk about the size of his manhood, disparage latinos, humiliate the disabled, and encourage his supporters to abuse protesters at his rallies. Trump even explicitly admitted to bringing back libel laws, which go against one’s freedom of speech. Your standards for POTUS are so low it’s actually almost quite embarrassing, I pity you. And he never speaks the truth – he speaks his mind. Those are two different things. Hitler (who is also on the same side of the political spectrum as Trump) also spoke his mind, but he never spoke the truth. Trump spoke his mind by saying that Syrian refugees “could be ISIS” (not true), he kept ranting about Obama’s birth certificate because he thought he wasn’t American (not true), he also believe climate change is a hoax (not true). Although I will give you some credit – there is one thing Trump said from the bottom of his heart that actually is quite true: “it really doesn’t matter what the media writes as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” Lastly, I would like to inform you of a research done that proves that many Trump supporters misperceive bullshit as profound:
      But hey, speak your mind. This is a free country after all (at least for now).

  10. Mr. Trump claims to be an outsider as opposed to a career politician. Does lanyone really believe a New York Land Developer, a Casino Operator and Private College Operator to name a few is an outsider to politics? He may not be a career politician who sits on his duff and does nothing but he certainly has a political record which is less than stellar. Out of the mouths of children may actually come the truth.

  11. That reminded me of the conversation in my elementary school when Goldwater was discussed, two modern voting machines were the auditorium for us to learn how to vote on the modern machine. Goldwater lost by a landslide, I do not think any one voted for him, unless it was the staff or a mistake by a child.But, I do remember why he was well dislikes by a school rumor, that if he was elected we would all be in school on Sat.

  12. The people who back trump are most likely the ones who do not pay taxes, and have mismanaged there finances and gone bankrupt on several occasions, or just hate woman. I think Trump has played an active role as a long term menace. He has been floating with Forbes and social medial,medical non profit for profit, He reinvented the fifties male who inherited a start, he is the mind set of American success(no taxes for me) losers get caught, no truth for me, losers get got, no good grades for me, money is the smart. No money for vets, looser get hurt, captured and die, winners shuffle papers and talk the lie. I am extraordinary! American woman are not worth the time, pay them less, insult their intelligence replaced by woman, who ask for little and will do anything to look like the natural beauties he finds in the old world, no mother laws. He is the man all men want to be when they become flabby and flumpy, buying woman they own.

    • FYI… I Pay taxes, I have been SCREWED by the IRS, I have yet to file bankruptcy, and I live pay check to pay check. I have been unable to save anything towards my retirement, despite the fact that in 15 years, I will be of the age to do so. Most of my family and friends, believe that I am a raging liberal or even a liberal democrat, but surprise surprise…I am all the way in for TRUMP!
      As a rule, politicians lie. in fact, this may surprise you but most human beings either lie or lie by omission over the course of their lives. Wake up and smell the coffee! Smells like a very strong brew…lets call it “It’s time for actual change in the way our government is run!” Lets see what he does once he’s got the job, shall we? Go Trump!!!

      • You have a right to your opinion. However, I know the roses, and I seen them on the coffin because the corporation and like trump are already part of the political system.
        Not, everybody lies, and I am sorry your living paycheck to pay check, and you say your for trump, then why don’t you declare bankruptcy because he did it three times. I wish I jade declared bankruptcy, I wish my husband would declared bankruptcy after a ny corporation went bankrupt on us when we contracted with them, working tirelessly, he died because we worked to hard, I fell because I was too hard. Had we in the process living paycheck to pay check after being by trumpets, had we not paid taxes, we would fine. Trumpets are worse than the IRS they screw the middle class by not paying them the wages they owe for work they preformed, which is more money than the IRS funnels to keep TRUMPERS well fed. He himself would not consider you as a thought or concern-he has nothing to offer anyone. Quite frankly, we can not his lifestyle. We can not afford the lifestyle of his family and friends. He is Washington DC.
        I do recommend that if in a situation to file for bankruptcy after ten years you can have credit again, and if your paying bills because of the IRS put you behind on your finances, and if you would be free to invest in your retirement if paying off bills, it may be a better solution than what we did.
        But I do understand how you feel. trump has never been screwed.
        Because he does the screwing. He has nothing to be angry about. He will retire quite well with people who work.

      • I wish you the best even though you want to give trump a chance.

      • What if he goes crazy with power remember this man has never held a political office. For GOD SAKE america wake up and think twice before u choose. Also i hate politicians who lie to us. But that doesn’t give us an excuse to go with our emotions and let them run wild we can change the world but the world can’t change you or force you to change think about it ziigyspeaks.

      • What if “HE” (Trump)goes crazy with power?? OMG Wake Up! Take a moment and look at the Power Crazy Obama and His (Abuses) of Power: Signing Executive Orders! Obama has forsaken, through these Executive orders DEMOCRACY, and the CONSTITUTIONAL Rights of “We The People” and acted as any tyrannical dictator would. He has FORCED us to SUBMIT TO HIS POWER and TAKEN AWAY OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT WE, AS A DEMOCRACY WANT FOR Ourselves! Go Trump!!!!!

      • Well, then my friend, I will assume then, that you are willing to risk your life and the lives of those around you, rather than taking the time to screen individuals before they are allowed to enter the U.S.? Wow! and you believe that I am “Emotional”? “Illogical”?
        Perhaps you need to re-think that statement? Just a suggestion.

      • but for god sake are you willing to let innocent men,women and children die because some stupid dude decided do dumb things we are more safe then ever we have FBI and CIA and the European countries working together u must not let fear and paranoia consume you which is what happened to you my friend you must not let fear control you one great man said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” that means FDR was telling the American people that their fear was making things worse.

      • How do we screen people they don’t have any passports or identification they come to countries with nothing did you know German stop at the refugee centers and cheer refugees as they enter the country you and Trump are willing to boo the refugees

  13. I have a blog about Mr. Trump and I’m not a fan. To be honest I have never been one to give my opinion on politics, however like these children ,my son has the same idea of what might happen if he becomes president. They always say children are the most honest people and that is the impression he, himself is given off to these kids. In my post I describe how I felt when my seven year old addressed his concern about this election and insight as to why I feel that he shouldn’t be elected.

  14. I’m very late to this post. Turns out you were prescient, or just plain sensible about the whole process that elected Trump. It’s going to be an interesting four years, if the man doesn’t end up getting impeached. I just read the transcript of his session with the New York Times, an exercise that I regularly indulge in and which more people should. Incredible that this man is now president.

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