Ireland of the welcomes?

Today saw over four thousand people become “new” Irish citizens, the 73rd such group to become, in the words of Justice Minister Alan Shatter, “part of the national family” since citizenship ceremonies were introduced in June 2011.

At a time when Ireland’s national morale is near to an all-time low, it is good to remember that there is still hope in Ireland and hope for Ireland. It seems to me a vote of confidence in Ireland that people come here from every continent and say “I want to be Irish” and it lifts my heart that we are still, despite everything, capable of showing generosity as a Nation. Maybe the idea of an Irish welcome isn’t so much blarney after all.

Or maybe it is. We once voted, and recently enough, by a massive majority, that a child born in Ireland is not necessarily Irish. It is fervently to be hoped that such days are behind us and a manifestation of the worst excesses of the Celtic Tiger.

And yet. I hear it all the time, the mean-spirited remark that “They shouldn’t be let in” or “Haven’t we enough of them” or worse. My favourite refrain from the hard-of-feeling is “We should look after our own first”. You never seem to hear that from people who actually give a damn about “our own”, do you?

The satirist Tara Flynn was herself subjected to appalling attacks when she made the film “Racist B&B“, a very funny and subtly serious piece of work highlighting the racist abuse aimed at her husband.

Attitudes toward immigrants tend to harden in times of austerity and while we have yet to see any sort of large-scale organised anti-immigrant groups, we have plenty of free-range racists and we have no shortage of those wanting to appeal to them. Noel O’Flynn TD managed to top the poll in Cork North-Central in 2002 after calling asylum-seekers in Cork “spongers, freeloaders and conmen”.

There have been attempts to form an Irish fascist party, which thankfully fell apart in predictably hilarious fashion. This was the brain-child of, principally, a Mr Michael Quinn, about whom the mighty Fintan O’Toolbox has blogged here. More about Ireland’s hapless fascists in a moment.

Courtesy of Elaine Edwards

We have been so-far blessed in the sheer stupidity of those who would organise in the name of racism in Ireland. We cannot afford to be complacent. That said, this really made me smile. My friend Elaine Edwards saw a depressing piece of graffiti on a hoarding on Tara Street in Dublin the other day. “Ireland for the Irish” was its deep and meaningful message. However, by the time Elaine had returned to photograph it (above), some brilliant soul had amended it so it now read “Ireland for all. Feck racism”.

Mark Twain said “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand”, so courtesy of my pal Rudy, I’ll leave you with one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on the internet.

Ireland’s seven-man fascist movement is already on its third Split, the latest of which occurred when “The Irish Nationalist Movement” broke off from “Democratic Right Ireland”. This is the report on The Split, as written by former Quinn lieutenant John Kavanagh. Sadly, it omits Kavanagh’s summation of Quinn’s fighting prowess: “He was in the IRA for years and all he learned to do was bite people”. These guys are exactly who you think they are. Enjoy.

Donal O’Keeffe

7 thoughts on “Ireland of the welcomes?

  1. “And yet. I hear it all the time, the mean-spirited remark that “They shouldn’t be let in” or “Haven’t we enough of them” or worse.”

    The onus is on you to explain why we need the large scale immigration of the sort we have seen since about 1997.

    Saying its mean spirited to isn’t really enough of an objection.

    ITs really just an appeal to emotion.

    The reason there is no respectable coherent political objections to immigration in Ireland is fear of losing ones job or attack by antifa elements(Interestingly Kavanagh has been assaulted by such people before from what I read on Irish People are simply not asked about immigration so this is where resentment comes from. When Irish people are asked they seem to vote for restricting immigration as the overwhelming passing of the “racist” citizenship referendum showed.

    Is it easy to point at the extremes and laugh.

    If you want to read something that has stats in it try here:

    And here for a little information on our growing anti-racism industry.


  2. Ireland, the land of a thousand welcomes, 990 of which are trying to find out who you are and what you are doing here….. …..and that is just the city. Just wait til you get to rural Ireland!

  3. My daughter’s boyfriend is from ‘Cork’ he is also black and the racist abuse they have to put up with is disgraceful, it is not coming from the older generation or the ‘country people’ the shouts of ‘hands off our women you black bastard’ come from disgruntled teens who should know better.

    Education is the key to acceptance

  4. Multiculturalism doesn’t work. With everyone I know leaving Ireland our population continues to increase. In addition a huge Mosque is given planning in Dublin and in this current climate. What amazes me about you libtards is that you and your ilk fought (correctly) for gender/sexual equality yet you endorse and welcome a religion that believes homosexuals should be stoned and that Women have zero rights. What say you Libtard? Am I just another racist or what will you become when you have daughters and the new Irish, without fear of recrimination abuse her on the streets and in the workplace. Try and answer without using the R word

    • I’m trying to answer without using the R word, the C word and indeed the Islamohobic Arsehole word. Oops.

      And “Libtard”? I’d say you’re a fairly articulate and well-thought-out boyeen there, alright, Greg.

      So basically your entire argument in the end boils down to my hypothetical daughters and your attempt to stir Fear Of A Black Man.

      Yes, you’re a racist.

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