Bob Dylan: Love and Sex (1966)

speed bob

“Sex and love have nothing to do with female and male. It is just whatever two souls happen to be. It could be male and female, and it might not be male and female. It might be female and female or male and male. You can’t turn your back on it, man. You can try to pretend it doesn’t happen, and you can try to make fun of it and be snide, but that’s not really the rightful thing. I know, I know.”

– Bob Dylan, in conversation with Robert Shelton (No Direction Home,1966)

1 thought on “Bob Dylan: Love and Sex (1966)

  1. When I lived in New York, I met a woman walking her dog who claimed to be Bob Dylan’s girlfriend, but that Bob wanted it kept secret. Not knowing what to say, I asked her to tell Bob how much I liked “It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.” A week or so later, I saw her at the park again and she said that Bob said, “yeah, I like that one too.” Anyway, thanks for the quote.

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